Photographer Adam Davies turns his high-resolution film camera onto the large scale structures of everyday life — like our built environment of bridges, roads, and railroads — to discover anthropological artifacts and stories that often go unnoticed. By going places few actually see and framing them in a detailed and thoughtful way, Davies’ gorgeous photographs can help us understand ourselves and our place in time and space more deeply. Born in the United Kingdom, Adam Davies studied painting before switching to large-format photography in the late 2000s. Adam received an EdM from Harvard University and an MFA from Carnegie Mellon University. In 2015, Adam was honored as Outstanding Emerging Artist at the DC Mayor’s Arts Awards and was the recipient of the Clarence John Laughlin Award. He is an artist-in-residence at Creative Alliance in Baltimore where his recent exhibition featured collaborations with Los Angeles-based musician Alex Zhang Hungtai and Baltimore-based percussionist Adam Rosenblatt. He is currently working with two award-winning authors: Joan Wickersham on a project based upon the 17th-century Swedish shipwreck ‘Vasa’ and Ivy Pochoda on an exploration of the annual wildflower bloom that borders the highways in downtown Los Angeles.