How can we move to an all-electric society? Speaker Allison Archambault describes how her work in Haiti on implementing solar micro-grid power is empowering women and families to be independent and more resilient. But to move away from carbon fuels globally, she argues we’ll need to “electrify everything,” and offers practical ideas about how we can all move towards this goal by transforming our consumer choices with cleaner electric options and economic incentives. Allison is president of EarthSpark International, a non-profit organization incubating businesses that solve energy poverty. EarthSpark has built two town-sized, solar-powered smart grids in rural Haiti and has spun off a smart meter company, SparkMeter, which is now enabling grid operators in 25 countries to expand energy access to low-income customers. EarthSpark’s ‘Feminist Electrification’ approach to microgrid development won a United Nations Momentum for Change award in 2018, hailed as a ‘practical example of what real climate action looks like.’

Allison has consulted to clean energy companies, governments, and advocacy groups. She previously worked with 3TIER on large-scale renewable energy siting and integration and with GridPoint, an early distributed solar+storage company in the United States. She holds a B.A. (hons) from Tufts University and a Master of International Public Policy degree from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.