While serving as Education Minister in the UK, Lord Jim Knight saw classrooms being transformed by new technology and teachers using the internet to share lessons to millions of students around the world. Mina Patel says that video conferencing is ushering in a new era in teaching, where students can be on different continents and connected live to experts wherever they are. The next-generation classroom is here.

Jim Knight is the Chief Education Adviser at TES Global Ltd, a member of the House of Lords and a visiting Professor at the London Knowledge Lab of the Institute of Education. He was a Member of Parliament in the United Kingdom from 2001-2010 and served as Education Minister and Employment Minister. Mina is the founder and Executive Director of Video Conferencing for Global Learning (VCfGL). Mina jointly chairs the UK VC Partnerships Group, where she has worked alongside national advisers from across the UK, to put together broadband guidelines for the Department for Education to support VC technology in schools.