Over the last five years, the tech industry has spent over a billion dollars trying to increase diversity. Leanne Pittsford has an easy, one-word solution: lesbians. Learn more about how Leanne built Lesbians Who Tech into an organization and annual summit where diversity is a priority, not an afterthought — and how the practices she’s developed can be applied across the industry. Leanne Pittsford is an entrepreneur who is changing the face of technology by increasing economic opportunity for all Americans. Leanne is the CEO and Founder of Lesbians Who Tech, the largest LGBTQ community of technologists in the world. Now over 25,000 queer women and allies strong, Lesbians Who Tech is increasing visibility and improving representation among women and gender non conforming individuals in the tech sector on a global scale. She recently launched include.io and the Tech Jobs Tour to improve job mobility and fight bias in technology.