It’s America’s most common job. Ten times more than the next on the list–retail sales. Family caregivers don’t get paid and few Americans know the profession even exists. MSNBC and CNN anchor Richard Lui shares his own caregiver journey while describing a new wave. Nationwide – 10 million Millennials, 1 million kids, and 5 million military families are stepping up to care for family and friends. The Hidden Heroes of our time.

Richard Lui is an American journalist and news anchor for MSNBC and NBC News. He was formerly at CNN Worldwide. Lui’s enterprise reporting has focused on humanitarian issues including gender equality, human trafficking, and affordable housing. His charity work in the same spaces has led him to work with Plan International USA and he is an ambassador for the Epilepsy Foundation. Lui splits his time between New York City and San Francisco to help care for his father, Stephen, who was first diagnosed with Alzheimer’s five years ago.