We’re all storytellers, from musicians to marketers and actors to accountants, but how do you get your story to stand out from the crowd? How do you fully engage an audience? How do you guarantee that your story is the one they remember? In his talk, Strother Gaines speaks on the power of immersive storytelling and shows that when we engage our audience in the story and give them a role to play, they can become fully immersed in our narrative. When you involve the audience in your story, the difference is transformative. Even if it’s just one single word, when people are a part of the story, the story becomes a part of them.

Strother is a speaker, trainer, and coach for creative entrepreneurs and those who want to become one. He works with lawyers who just wanna dance, programmers who wish they were potters, and undercover Yogi CFO’s to integrate their professional life with their authentic creative self. He is a multi-passionate entrepreneur with a background in theatre, education, sales, management, leadership, and Segway tour-guiding.